AI based model to detect Silicosis, tuberculosis and other related disease at an early stage

Informal Skill Learning Portal

Cloud Kitchen

Platform for Virtual Events, Workshops, Interactions, Mentor connect and Incubation

Virtual Platform for Psychological Counselling and Guidance for Students

AI based system for processing power and storage requirement in Data Centre

Use of Big Data in the Healthcare Sector

Food Waste Management System

Online Religious Connect Solutions

Cyber Security Solutions

Solution to handle end to end logistics for SHGs

IoT based Smart Village Solutions

Tech enabled Smart Farming Solutions

Black Spot Management System

Video Conferencing Solution

Visitor & Meeting Management Solution

Digital Startup Assessment

Detection of Quarry and Mine blasts using Remote Monitoring System

Reducing water intensive crop cultivation

Low Shelf Life of Agricultural Produce

Conversion of Barren Land to Productive Land

Boosting Wool Industry in Rajasthan

Identifying Water Canal Leakage/ Irrigation

Safe Drinking Water for Residents of Rajasthan