Digital Startup Assessment

A 100% digital tool to be integrated with iStart Rajasthan for detailed assessment and grading of iStart approved startups with the following key features:

  • The solution has to be developed and deployed within iStart or white-labelled with iStart
  • The solution must be compatible with both website as well as mobile browsers
  • The list of startups to be assessed and the basic information already available with iStart shall be seeded and provided by iStart
  • All data should be stored and transmitted only through the State Data Centre (appropriate approvals and support shall be provided by DoIT&C)
  • The solution must objectively assess startups on a range of parameters and should give them a score/ rating
  • The solution must be capable to digitally compare startups with their global peers
  • Every startup must be able to create a distinct profile
  • All communication/ interaction with the startups should be through the solution and within the iStart framework
  • The solution must provide analytical reports including spider maps (startups tagged to solutions) through the solution itself
  • The team must have at least 2 startup ecosystem experts (having more than 6 years of experience in the startup ecosystem) to have one-to-one discussions with startups before assigning of the final rating


Digital Startup Assessment
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