Video Conferencing Solution

A secure video conferencing solution to be developed exclusively for DoIT&C with following key features:

  • Should support all video resolutions and audio quality, should work in low and high network scenarios
  • Should have a desktop application (compatible with Windows and Macintosh), mobile applications (iOS and Android) and compatibility with Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox
  • There should not be any external hardware dependency
  • All data should be stored and transmitted only through the State Data Centre (appropriate approvals and support shall be provided by DoIT&C)
  • The users must be able to choose English or Hindi language for the UI/UX of the application
  • There must be the ability to record the conference and recordings be stored on cloud (on state date centre)
  • There should be a chat option during the conference even in the multi-people conference
  • There should be sign-in and non-sign-in options to join a conference
  • Their solution should have encrypted network communication
  • The solution should have screen/ file-sharing capabilities
  • The solution must have the capability to host  multiple concurrent conferences having multiple participants in each conference
Video Conferencing Solution