Q. How Can I Get Help Or Get A Query Answered?

A. For any query, an open discussion forum has been created. Here you can get your queries solved and can connect with other applicants as well.

Q. What Assistance Will I Get From The Government?

A. You will get monetary assistance and feasible help/support from the government for your project.

Q. What Is The Required Format For The Submission Of Idea?

A. You can submit your idea in Doc/ppt/pdf format, clearly listing your idea details such as Objective, scalability, Technology used and commercials involved etc.

Q. In Case Of Facing Problems Regarding Registration Or Log In?

A. In case you are facing any problem regarding the registration or login process, please do get in touch with us. We would be more than happy to get back to you and help in solving issues you may face.

Q. Besides The Available Details For A Project, If I Need More Assistance Who Should I Contact?

A. You can ask your questions at the open discussion forum or send an email at support team.

Q. I Am An Engineering Student With No Prior Experience, Can I Apply For A Project?

A. Yes. There is no prior experience required for applying or submitting an idea for any of these projects.

Q. I Have Two Ideas For The Same Project, Can I Submit Both?

A. Yes, you can submit both your ideas.

Q. Can I Apply For Two Projects At The Same Point Of Time?

A. Yes.

Q. How Will I Be Notified If I Am Allotted The Project?

A. You will be notified through an email, in case you are allotted the project or your idea gets selected.

Q. I Have An Idea But Don’t Have The Manpower, Can I Still Submit The Idea?

A. Yes, you can submit the idea. For further proceeding we will guide you.

Q. How To Register?

A. For registration, login through your Rajasthan SSO ID and fill the details. If you do not have a SSO ID then create a SSO Account through Aadhar ID or Bhamashah card.