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19 - 21 Mar 2018 Jaipur

Rajasthan-IT-Day 2018

Since passing years, Rajasthan IT Day has become a brand name for technological innovations, skill development and startup drive. The event has set a benchmark in the field of technology reformation for tech pundits and business connoisseurs. Government of Rajasthan has created this competitive platform so that IT experts can portray their expertise and skills.

The third edition of Rajasthan IT Day took place in the growing hub for startups & IT innovators- Jaipur. A four-day event,  ‘Rajasthan IT Day 2018’ was organized by the Department of Information Technology and Communications, Rajasthan.

Various individuals and changemakers from the field of IT and e-Governance had an opportunity to portray their out-of-the-box products and services and seek support from the Government. There were intensive panel discussions by reputed speakers across the nation, exhibitions on the latest innovations in the field of IT & e-Governance, along with workshops for tech wizards and emerging startups.

The event was witnessed by eminent leaders from various fields, dignitaries of Government of India and Government of Rajasthan, IT industrialists and business tycoons.